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A Gift Registry is a fantastic way to help friends & family choose gifts for your baby shower, kid's birthday or any other special event.

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To find a gift registry online, you can simply type in the persons first and last name or click the link they may have sent you.

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Our Gift Registry Takes The Guesswork Out of Gift Buying

Buying a great gift feels good. But buying a great gift that you know is going to be a perfect fit for the recipient is even better.

Buying gifts for little ones can be a challenge, as not everyone knows exactly what to get and what’s already been purchased. This is where the baby gift registry comes in.

By creating a gift registry for your little one, you’re taking a lot of the guesswork out of gift buying for all of your loved ones.

You know exactly what you and your baby need, and now you can let everyone else know as well. By creating a baby registry with a number of different gift options on there, you’re giving everyone the chance to find a gift that is both useful and fits each person’s budget.

My Little Wardrobe makes creating a baby gift registry easy with our dedicated online portal, allowing you the freedom to choose from our complete range of lovely baby shower gifts.

Why Choose My Little Wardrobe for Your Gift Registry

When it comes to celebrating your little one, every detail matters. That's why at My Little Wardrobe, we've curated a collection that perfectly blends style, quality, and personal touch – making us the ideal choice for your baby gift registry.

A Haven of Style and Quality

We understand that you want only the best for your baby. Our selection isn't just about fashion; it's about comfort, quality, and durability. From adorable onesies to delightful party outfits, each piece in our collection is chosen to ensure your little one is always dressed in the best.

Personalised Perfection

Imagine your baby's name beautifully printed on a onesie or a custom-designed top that reflects their budding personality. With MLW BY DESIGN, our in-house label, we offer an exclusive range of personalised and custom-printed apparel. These unique items not only make perfect gifts but also add a personal touch that's truly special.

Supporting Local and Global Talent

By choosing My Little Wardrobe, you're embracing a mix of local Australian designer brands and renowned global labels. This diverse range ensures that your gift registry is filled with a variety of styles and choices, catering to every taste.

Easy and Accessible

Setting up your baby gift registry with us is a breeze. Our dedicated online portal is user-friendly, making it easy for you to select and manage your preferred items. And for your friends and family, purchasing a gift from your registry is just as straightforward, ensuring a hassle-free experience for everyone.

Flexible Payment Options

We believe in making our products accessible to all. With a variety of payment methods, including several buy now, pay later options, your loved ones can choose a gift without any financial strain.

In a world where every little moment with your baby is precious, My Little Wardrobe is here to make those moments even more special. Choose us for your baby gift registry, and let's make sure that every gift you receive is as unique and cherished as your little one.

Baby Registry for Your Upcoming Baby Shower

As you prepare for the joyous arrival of your little one, My Little Wardrobe’s baby registry service ensures your baby shower is a unique and special one. Our curated collection offers everything from swaddles to knitwear, perfectly tailored for your baby’s first wardrobe.

Setting up your registry with us simplifies gift-giving. It allows your guests to choose gifts that are both thoughtful and practical, avoiding duplicates or unsuitable items. For a personal touch, our range includes customisable keepsakes like personalised décor and custom-printed outfits, turning gifts into cherished mementos.

Our user-friendly online portal makes managing your registry effortless. For your guests, selecting and purchasing a gift is just as easy. Plus, our dedicated customer service team is always ready to assist, ensuring your baby shower preparation is seamless and enjoyable.

Choose My Little Wardrobe for your baby shower registry to create a collection of memories and style, making this celebration truly unforgettable.

Gift Registry FAQs

Creating your gift registry with My Little Wardrobe is easy. Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Start by Setting Up Your Account: First, click here to log in or create your My Little Wardrobe account. Once you've signed in, you can begin setting up your personal gift registry.
  2. Explore Our Extensive Range: Dive into our vast collection of baby and kids' clothing and accessories. Browse through our stylish, high-quality products, including our exclusive MLW BY DESIGN range, to find items that resonate with your style and needs.
  3. Add Items to Your Registry: As you explore, you'll see the option to ‘Add To Gift Registry’ on each product page. Simply click this button to include your favourite items in your registry. You can add as many products as you like.

Finding and accessing your gift registry at My Little Wardrobe is straightforward for your friends and family. Here’s how they can do it:

  1. Search by Name: Guests can easily find your registry by clicking on the 'Find a Registry' option on our website. Once there, they just need to enter your first and last name. Our system will quickly locate your registry, allowing them to view all the items you've selected.
  2. Direct Link Sharing: For added convenience, you can share your registry directly with your loved ones. After setting up your registry, you'll receive an email from us with a unique link to your registry. This link can be forwarded to your friends and family, giving them instant access to your curated list of items.

Absolutely! Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Log In to Your Account: Begin by logging into your My Little Wardrobe account. Your personal dashboard is designed to give you a comprehensive view of your registry.
  2. View Your Registry: Once logged in, navigate to your gift registry. Here, you'll find a detailed list of all the items you've added.
  3. Check Purchase Status: Next to each item on your registry, you'll see its status. Items that your friends and family have purchased will be clearly marked, allowing you to keep track of what's been bought and what's still available on your list.

Setting up your registry at My Little Wardrobe is quick and user-friendly:

  1. Create/Log In to Your Account: Visit My Little Wardrobe, and either log in or sign up for an account.
  2. Access Registry Section: Navigate to the gift registry section from your account dashboard.
  3. Personalise Your Registry: Add personal details, select desired items, and customise your registry to reflect your style and needs.

In just a few clicks, your registry will be ready for your friends and family to explore!

The ideal time to set up your baby gift registry is typically a few months before your baby shower or expected due date. This allows ample time for your friends and family to explore and select gifts. Starting early ensures that your registry is ready when invitations are sent out, making it convenient for your guests to plan their purchases.

A baby registry is a curated list of items that parents-to-be would like to receive as gifts for their newborn. It serves as a convenient guide for friends and family to choose gifts that are desired and needed. At My Little Wardrobe, our registry allows you to select from a wide range of stylish, high-quality baby clothing and accessories, ensuring your little one is welcomed with thoughtful, useful, and beautiful items that reflect your personal taste.

A baby registry is primarily used to communicate the needs of expectant parents to their friends and family. It helps streamline the gift-giving process for occasions like baby showers, ensuring that the gifts are both practical and appreciated. 

By using a registry, parents-to-be can avoid receiving duplicate or unnecessary items, while guests can confidently select gifts that will be perfect for their recipient.

A baby gift registry works by allowing expectant parents to create a list of desired items for their newborn. Friends and family can then access this list, typically online, and choose gifts to purchase. Purchased items are marked off the list, and parents receive what they need without worrying about duplicate gifts.

In your registry, include a variety of items that cater to different needs and stages of your baby's early life. Think about essentials like comfortable sets, practical nappy bags, and more. Don’t forget about special occasion wear and personalised items for a unique touch. 

Also, consider useful accessories like bibs, blankets, and hats. Balancing practicality with style and mixing essential items with a few special pieces ensures your registry is well-rounded and suits all preferences and budgets of your gift givers.

Ready to set up your gift registry? Get in touch with us for more information.